Our History

Interview with Bill Finck Sr.

Interview by Mary Locke Croft, January 30, 1991, in San Antonio, Texas


Bill Finck Sr.'s great-grandfather Reinhold Finck came to San Antonio in 1852 from Württemberg, Germany, via New Orleans. In 1861 he began publishing the San Antonio News in both English and German. Mr. Finck’s grandfather Henry began the Finck Cigar factory in the 1880s. Bill Finck explains the history of the cigar factory and the process of making cigars, from purchasing the tobacco in Connecticut, Cuba, and South America, to the making of hand-rolled cigars by Rafaela Sanchez, an eighty-year-old woman employed by the company for over seventy years. Mr. Finck also tells of his days in the state legislature and the burning of his $2,700 state paycheck, which made headline news.

- Bill Finck Sr. at the Texas Legislature in 1973

Bill Jr.'s articles on great employees

For 30 years I've managed our cigar business and I've been blessed to have wonderful employees who have helped us grow immensely.  The attached short articles are written about some of the people who have been incredibly important in the success of our small operation.  I hope these give you some insight into what kind of people make up the Finck Cigar Company family.

- Bill Finck Jr. and vintage Travis Club delivery van