Dividend Club

Get a 10% rebate
on repeating orders with
Finck's Dividend Club!


Save 10%! This program is designed for you guys who smoke the same cigars or tobacco all the time, and are interested in receiving your smokes on a regular basis. Simply let us know what products you want, how many, and how often you want them shipped to you. We’ll automatically send them at your chosen intervals, and we’ll keep track of your purchases. Every time your accumulated purchases reach $250, we’ll credit your next order with a $25 rebate!


What Qualifies? Every cigar brand we own qualifies for this program! That includes all of our premium handmade cigars (Travis Club, Finck's 1893, Favorita de Nicaragua…) as well as machine made brands (Sam Houston, White Lightning…). Even our pipe tobaccos are eligible for this rebate (Danish Black & Gold, Finck’s Vanilla…)!


So What doesn’t Qualify? While we can set up any product on an automatic shipment program, only Finck branded cigars and tobaccos are eligible for the rebate. National branded cigars (i.e. Macanudo, Fuente…), pipe tobaccos (Super Value…) accessories, pipes… do not count towards the rebates. If you’re not sure if your items qualifies – just give us a call!


A Few More Details Intervals between shipments can be as short as weekly, or as far apart as every 12 weeks. You can put your club “on hold” at any time, but less than 4 shipments in a 12 month period automatically cancels your enrollment and voids your accumulated purchases. You can also change the items you’re receiving up to 3 times a year, but more than 3 changes cancels your enrollment – remember this program is for customers who get the same product on a regular basis! All orders must be paid for with a debit or credit card – no checks, C.O.D.’s or I.O.U.’s!


How To Join If you already receive our catalog, simply fill out and send us the attached Dividend Club Enrollment form, or give us a call at (800) 221-0638. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. This special offer is one of the ways we say Thank You to our loyal, regular customers. We hope you take advantage of these great savings!