A Word From Bill Jr.


Over the last two years the cigar industry has experienced almost unprecedented shortages. The strain began when factories suspended operations over pandemic coniditions, with most of them closed or at very reduced capacity for months. Once they got behind, catching up became a very long-term process. Training a new roller can take over a year so there is no fast way to make up for the lost working time. Compounding the issue, there has been a strong surge in demand. As the factories are gearing back up, they are faced with shortages of just about everything. Wood for boxes, bands and labels, cellophane tubes - all hard to come by. Freight cost have gone through the roof. And now, on top of everything else, we are seeing major shortages in certain types of tobacco. Prices have increased from every major manufacturer, many of them at rates I haven't seen in the 38 years I've been in this business. While cigars have gotton more expensive, consider this. Our #1 selling cigar is Finck's 1893 No. 60 (page 5 of this catalog). Buy a box and they'll cost you $4.25 apiece - a hell of a bargain for over an hour of enjoyment! I appreciate your business, your loyalty, and your understanding. For 129 years our goal has been to offer you the finest cigars at the lowest prices possible and we'll continue to work hard every day to live up to that reputation.